What is ConciergeBot?


ConciergeBot is an artificially intelligent virtual concierge for vacation rental homeowners and their guests using popular platforms such as Airbnb, HomeAway and VRBO. Guests interact with ConciergeBot in the home using Amazon Echo or Google Home, and on-the-go using Facebook Messenger or SMS. No logins, no app downloads necessary. Just speak with ConciergeBot in the home or chat with ConciergeBot via your smartphone for 24/7 support during your vacation stay. 

Why use ConciergeBot?


Less Time Spent Managing Guests

With ConciergeBot in your vacation home, guests have a 24x7 virtual assistant to answer common questions - where to find things, accessing amenities,  checking out, etc., reducing the time spent by owners and managers answering these questions. 


Improved Guest Experience

ConciergeBot answers guests' inquiries about their vacation rental immediately, without the need to wait for an owner or manager to respond. Guests receive the assistance they need, when they need it. 

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Multi-Platform Availability

ConciergeBot will be available to guests in the home via Amazon Echo and Google Home, or on the phone via SMS and Facebook Messenger. No need for your guests to download apps or create new accounts.

ConciergeBot will be launched in public beta in late June. Submit your email address below to be the first to get notified of our public beta launch!